a lot with a little

The latest release from 11th Hour! New songs sung with the familiar passion you know and love.


the greatest gift

Christmas the 11th Hour way! The sound of the Season just got sweeter so any time of year is the right time!


11th Hour Burnin' It Up Live

Burnin' It Up - LIVE

Can You Burn (Live)

Jesus Is In The House (Live)

Bound (Live)

Mountain Moving Faith (Live)

I Trust (Live)

He Will Roll You Over The Tide (Live)

When God Shows Up (Live)

He's Alive And So Am I (Live)

Adam's Fall (Live)

Waving On The Other Side (Live)

Ain't No Bones (Live)

11th Hour - What A Moment

What A Moment

Mountain Moving Faith

Look at Me Now

Love Still Holds Our Scars


He Welcomes the Beggar

He's Alive and So Am I

When God Shows Up

Can You Burn

Ain't No Bones

I Trust

11th Hour - Gather 'Round

Gather 'Round

Gather 'Round

My Heart's Door


Days Like Today

I Love Walkin'

Adam's Fall

Trust In God

Put It In Writing

Home Sweet Home

Way In A Manger